Triggerfish are looking for the African animators of tomorrow. If you are under the age of 25 years and live in an African country, we’re challenging you to create a story, post it on YouTube and share it with us. 




Get excited! Take a look at this video showing the 12 principles of animation (from CG World) and see what can be done once you’ve learnt a few tricks. If you want to understand it a little deeper, take a look at this video.



Download an animation app to your Android or iOS smartphone. We recommend Stop Motion Studio   or FlipaClip   for those who love to draw. If you have access to a laptop or a desktop computer - try Pencil2D.


Animation is storytelling! Create a character and a problem to solve. Good stories have a Beginning (the Setup), a Middle (something unexpected happens) and an End (the pay-off.) Keep your story short and simple so it’s easy to animate. Aim for between 30 and 60 seconds in total. The maximum length we can consider is 3 minutes.



Draw a Storyboard. Break your story into separate Shots and think about the best way to present the action so that it’s clear to your audience. If you want to go deeper into storyboarding techniques, view this page.


Using your storyboard frames, assemble a rough edit of your film. (VideoPad is a great app for this.) Making an animatic is a quick way to test your idea before you begin animating. Here you’ll work out how much time to spend on each shot.


You’re ready to make your movie! If you’re using Stop Motion Studio, set up your scene on a table. You’ll need a light source and something to keep your camera still. Next - move your character according to your storyboard. Try to use some of the principles you learnt in Step 1. You can also add voices, sound effects and music with VideoPad.



Post your finished movie and your animatic on YouTube and submit the link to us via Facebook or email the link to Register at Triggerfish Academy so we can keep in contact.



We’re excited to see your films! Here’s what we’re looking for...

The TOP 20 films from our competition that ended 31st January will be showcased at the Cape Town International Animation Festival in March 2019 as well as on the Triggerfish Staff Picks YouTube Playlist. Winners will be announced at the festival and their YouTube channel will be promoted.

Terms and Conditions of competition

• Creators must be resident in Africa and under the age of 25—i.e. maximum 24 years at the date of submission.

• Only African nationals are eligible. Entrants will be required to prove nationality.

• Final deadline for submission is midnight on the 31st January 2019.

• Judges’ decision is final.

• Creators agree they’re sticking to the YouTube terms of service.

• Group entries will be considered but each group member must be credited, and each group member must comply with the age group limits. Only one prize will be   issued per entry, regardless of how many members in the group. Group should nominate a spokesperson.

• Submissions can be created in any animation medium (Stop Frame, 2D Animation, Computer Generated).

• Creators agree to allow Triggerfish Academy to promote their work by linking to their work on YouTube, posting screenshots on social media, or any other     promotion that links to the original film.

• Applicants can submit as many entries as they like.

• To be eligible for the Storyboard category, applicants must submit clear storyboards.

• Film exceeding three minutes will not be considered.

• Creators must provide their name, age and country of origin.

• All rights remain with the creator.

• The spirit of this forum is to encourage and incentivise African youth to explore animation as a medium of self-expression. The organisers reserve the right to       remove any project they believe to be acting against this spirit.

• The organisers reserve the right to make modifications to the terms and conditions without notification.

Triggerfish Academy is made possible through the support of Triggerfish, Goethe-Institut and German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.   

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