Triggerfish are looking for the animators of tomorrow. If you’re under the age of 20 years and live in an African country, we’re challenging you to create a story, post it on YouTube, and then send it to us.  Every month we’ll be showcasing the best beginner animations on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels, so you’ll get a lot of extra views.   You’ll also be eligible for prizes when we pick the top animation of all the submissions in January 2019.

All you need to get going is a smartphone and an internet connection.


Get excited!  Take a look at this video showing the 12 principles of animation and see what can be done once you’ve learnt a few tricks.  If you want to understand it a little deeper, take a look at this video.


Download a stop motion app to your Android or iOS smartphone.  We recommend Stop Motion Studio , but there are other good ones too.   If you have a digital camera and a desktop computer, you can also use them.

Create a film set on a table.  You’ll need a light source and something to keep your camera still.  You can use toys or create your own characters out of cut out paper.


Animation is storytelling.  Create a character in a situation and write a story about what happens next.  Break your story into separate shots through drawing a storyboard.  Keep your story clear, simple and short! Aim for between 30 and 60 seconds in total.  The maximum length we can consider is 3 minutes. If you want to go deeper into storyboarding techniques, view this page.

You’re ready to make your movie!  Move your character according to your storyboard.  Try to use some of the principles you learnt in Step 1.  If you have a desktop computer, you can also edit it and add sound and music with editing software.  (We recommend VideoPad).

Post your final movie on YouTube and submit the link to us via Facebook or email the link to  academy@triggerfish.com.   Be sure to tell us your name, age and the school you’re attending.  You’ll automatically be signed up for future developments.


The next submission deadline is 25 November 2018. Pick of the Month will be announced on 1 December. Get animating!

Terms and conditions

  1. Creators must be resident in Africa and under the age of 20—i.e. maximum 19 years at the date of submission

  2. Final deadline for submission is midnight 25 November.

  3. Judges’ decision is final

  4. Creators agree they’re sticking to the YouTube terms of service

  5. Creators may create a project in a group, but each group member needs to be credited and each group member should be under the age of 20

  6. Submissions can be created in any medium (Stop Frame, 2D Animation, Computer Generated).

  7. Creators agree to allow Triggerfish Academy to promote their work by linking to their work on YouTube.


Animation will be judged on:

  1. Storytelling clarity

  2. Incorporating some of the 12 principles of animation


Applicants can submit as many entries as they like but they should not exceed three minutes.  30 to 60 seconds is recommended.

Creators need to provide us with their name, age and country.  All rights remain with the creator.

The spirit of this forum is to encourage and incentivise African youth to explore animation as a medium of self-expression.  The organisers reserve the right to remove any project they believe to be acting against this spirit.  The organisers also reserve the right to make modifications to the terms of service without notification.